World’s Largest

Worlds Largest Shopping CentersAs international trade grew and globalization kicked off, shopping centers started to be built all over the world. A large plaza shopping center or a complex of outlet shopping malls is a symbol and generator of wealth for the area where it is located. From regional malls to outlet malls to mega malls, the concept of a shopping center has been constantly revamped.

Even if most people go to an internet shopping center while being in their conformable couch, for some going to the mall is still a worthwhile experience. In Asia, shopping has turned into the world’s largest experience. Two of the largest malls in the world as of the 2008 rankings are in China and they are called “South China Mall” and “Jin Yuan”. Asia alone is the home of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world all of which have been developed in a very short amount of time, most since 2004.

The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the Middle East and Europe combined is known as a great location for fans of shopping travel. It currently ranks 7th in the world.
The first mega mall that started expanding the regular size mall to a gigantic million square foot area with entertainment parks, health facilities and hundreds of stores was built in Edmonton Canada. West Edmonton Mall was the proud owner of the title of the largest enclosed shopping mall from 1986 when it was built until 2004, when the Asian market reversed the trend.

Today the concept of a large shopping center evolved from the usual box type shopping center to a vertical mall in high demands in large urban areas like Hong Kong or mega malls which are power economic centers that go beyond the borders of shopping and entertainment.